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Core Values

We are a worldwide ministry in which millions of children reap the benefits of one man’s clear

The Initiative: Afcr-Initiative

Advocacy for Children’s Right Initiative is a non-governmental organization, established in 2016 as Eagles Advocacy, supporting children, youth and women. It was later renamed to Advocacy for Children’s Right Initiative and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission by June 2020.  The organization is a member of various networks and coalitions, such as UN women action coalition on science and technology, Women Gender and Youth Directorate of the ECOSOCC African Union Gombe State VAPP Alliance and YALI Gombe State. With staff strength of over 15, comprising core, ad hoc and volunteers. Advocacy for Children’s Right Initiative is growing as one of the leading non-governmental civil society actors, contributing immensely to successful social development initiatives and interventions to donor’s satisfaction and community benefits.

Our Mission

To be a leading non-governmental organization empowering children, youths, women and communities for a better future. Strategies includes Community Mobilization, Advocacy, Capacity Building, Referrals and Linkages

Our Vision

Maximizing opportunities for a gender equal world”. Our Targets includes Children; Women, Young Adults & Community level structures.

How we Implement our works.

Our Implementation Strategies


It is the platform of interacting, engaging, canvassing and maximizing pressure for change in policies, programs or practices with gatekeepers, opinion leaders, administrators and key leaders in whatever area LHI has interest.

Referral & Linkages

Identifying the relevant platforms, channels, service points, opportunities and bring the beneficiaries who requires or need such into it. Maintaining a robust external relationship that can guarantee and ensure service delivery for people

Community Mobilization

This has to do with conducting awareness, enlightenment, sharing of educative information or knowledge on areas of focus. This can be done either one on one, group or community.

Capacity Building

This includes Orientation meetings, Seminars, Workshops, Trainings designed to support our beneficiaries or targeted audience in a structured manner. This is to transfer skills, knowledge and ability

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