Gender/Governance/Child Protection

Activity strategies are

  1. Basic participation for marginalized groups – identifying, selecting, training and supporting women, youths and people with special needs to be involved in local and political governance
  2. Governance Education and counselling – Continuous Voters Registration, Party Politicking, campaign management etc in support of marginalized groups
  3. High-level Advocacy & Engagement – Negotiation, dialogue with state government actors, political actor
  4. Gender Based Issue – Child Protection issues includes Identification of abused and vulnerable children using the national standards and protocols, community and household education on Child Protection and setting up of Community Child Protection Committees; Family tracing and reunion; Psychosocial and access to justice; prevention, response and support as well as access to justice for marginalized, violated and abuses; providing gender based counselling and other support
  5. Peace Building and social cohesion.
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