Our Work.

What We Do

We are a worldwide ministry in which millions of children reap the benefits of one man’s clear

Advocacy for Children’s Right Initiative has a very robust program focus, which in the time pass and even currently, different interventions have been implemented in different locations where we have our offices.

Activity strategies we carry out include Advocacy, Awareness, House to House visits, Capacity building, Health Outreaches

Activity strategies include Advocacy, Community Mobilization, Capacity building, Linkages and referrals.

Transfer of direct skills to beneficiaries through staffs or use of master craftsmen in various selected skills which are relevant and related to the beneficiaries at a given community.

Identifying, selecting, training and supporting women, youths and people with special needs to be involved in local and political governance.

Building the capacity of small holders’ farmers on produce marketing as well as identifying of local market to enhance profitability and increased production.

By investing in children, together, we have the opportunity to create real, long-lasting change for families and com-munities around the world

Martha Oyanta Daniel

Contact Person for Advocacy for Children’s Right Initiative.