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Agriculture/Climate Justice

Activity strategy for implementing include Agricultural Education – sharing of knowledge and information on correct planting spacing, correct use of fertilizer, use of inoculants, information and knowledge about post-harvest and storage techniques especially use of PICS Bag as well as input distribution. This will be done either on one on one or on group basis […]

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Gender/Governance/Child Protection

Activity strategies are Basic participation for marginalized groups – identifying, selecting, training and supporting women, youths and people with special needs to be involved in local and political governance Governance Education and counselling – Continuous Voters Registration, Party Politicking, campaign management etc in support of marginalized groups High-level Advocacy & Engagement – Negotiation, dialogue with […]


Livelihood/Socio-Economic Developments

Activity strategy grouped as follows Vocational/Technical Skill Training – Transfer of direct skills to beneficiaries through staffs or use of master craftsmen in various selected skills which are relevant and related to the beneficiaries at a given community. Group Savings & Loan Association – supporting livelihood through group formation, training and mentoring of savings and […]


Education/Digital Inclusion

Activity strategies include Advocacy, Community Mobilization, Capacity building, Linkages and referrals. Some key areas of interest are as follows Access to Basic Education – Enrolment, retention & transition of children especially the girl child; supporting learning outcomes; establishment of in and out of groups girls-based groups or club. Education Support Services – covers support systems […]

CategoriesFood & Health

Focus: Health

Activity strategies we carry out include Advocacy, Awareness, House to House visits, Capacity building, Health Outreaches. Areas of focus are Maternal Newborn Child Health – focuses on issues that relates to Pre, Ante & Post-natal, Immunization, other related issues on the health of a mother and her child. Nutrition – focuses on Nutrition Education & […]